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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Shelia D. Duncan, M.S.W. , LCSW-C
Christian Counselor
    License Clinical Social Worker
           Licensed in AL LICSW, PIP;  DC, LICSW;  MD, LCSW-C; TX LCSW; 

I am a Christian Woman who is passionate about Jesus and living my life in a way that brings Him glory.  I am a woman, daughter, wife, young looking grandmother, an aunt, godmother and a best friend.  I am a Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Social Worker Coach and Mentor, Therapist Coach,  Overcomer, Spiritual Advisor and Minister of the Gospel of Jesus  Christ. 

I received a Bachelor degree in Social Work from Oral Roberts University and a Master degree in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma.  I officially began my professional social work career in 1995 across a variety of social services and mental health settings which include Outpatient Mental Health Clinics, Boys and Girls Residential Group Homes, Children’s Hospital, Veteran Administrations, Adult Day Care and Christian Counseling Offices.

I have notable accomplishments working with various populations where previous counseling has not been successful.  These include special needs children, adult, couples and families who struggle with complex personal, marital and family challenges. While my training has provided me with a strong base in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy; my experience and spiritual intuition allow me to address various life and mental health issues with a balance of spiritual counseling and traditional therapy which have helped individuals and families better understand the cause and effect of the issues they are encountering.

I am passionate about working with Christian women who have the following life issues and struggles: life uncertainties, fear,  life- transitions, trying to find their their sense of purpose,  unbelief and wavering faith, angry with God, low self-esteem, low self- worth, low self -confidence, poor body image, depression, anxiety,  guilt,  history of poor and bad relationship choices, unresolved issues from their past, feelings of hurt by "Church folks", unforgiveness, self-critical, second- guessing themselves,  pleasing others while neglecting themselves, mood swings and imposter syndrome and grief and loss.

I specialize in Christian Counseling for those who are looking for a Licensed Christian Therapist. I have been a born-again Christian for 33 years and, I am passionate about sharing and engaging my Christian belief and the word of God to help the healing process. It is from my deep faith in Jesus, the guidance His Holy Spirit and training in psychotherapy that I draw upon to help my clients find healing through faith and therapy in order for them to live a faith-based life that’s full of freedom, hope and wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

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